Accessing the RIFT Test Shards

All accounts have access to the Public Test Shard (PTS) when it is available; however, we may bring these shards offline without notice for frequent updates unless there is a scheduled testing event. We'll be sure to announce status and updates on the forums.

You can download and access the PTS by following the below instructions:

  1. Launch Glyph
  2. Select RIFT
  3. Click on the drop down in the top right-hand corner of Glyph, where you choose your region, and select "PTS"
  4. Download any updates you have available and then click 'Play'

Your login information for the PTS will be the exact same as the live shards for RIFT. Please be aware that credits are shared between live shards and the PTS. This means that any credits you spend on the PTS will be deducted from your credits on live shards.

To copy your current character to the test shards launch the regular client, select your character, click the 'Transfer' button and select "Copy to PTS". Next time you load the test shard your character will be available for you to use.

For more information on getting started on the PTS, see our community forum post here.