RIFT Character Transfer Overview

Why would I transfer?

  • Want to move from or to a PvP shard.
  • Want to RP with my character more on a RP shard.
  • Guild is moving.
  • Want to try a different group of players.
  • Note, by transferring to a PvP shard you will be always flagged for PvP in a contested zone.
  • By joining an RP shard, your character must meet the RP Naming rules.
  • If your character shares a name with another character on the shard you transfer to, you will be required to change your character name.

Transfer Requirements -

To transfer a character, make sure that you have available character slots on your destination shard, that you are not coin-locked, and that the character you wish to transfer meets the following criteria:

  • Level 15 or higher.
  • No mail in mailbox.
  • No existing auction bids or items up for sale in the Auction House.
  • Has not transferred within the last seven days.
  • Less than 3 plat/level (up until level 40; there are no currency restrictions for levels 40+).
  • Transfers between regions cannot be done. If you're on the North American shards you will only be able to transfer to other North American shards, the same goes for European shards.

How to transfer -

    1. Log in and select the character you wish to transfer.
    2. Click the “Transfer” button on the bottom menu of your character select screen.
    3. Select the shard you wish to transfer to (if your guild has already transferred, its new location will be displayed on shard-select).


    • If you are in a guild and not the guild leader, you will be asked to confirm that you wish to leave your current guild. If your character name is not available on your destination shard, you will be notified that you will be required to rename your character when logging in to your destination shard.
    • If you are in a guild that transfers, you need to stay in the guild on your "old" shard before you transfer to the "new" guild shard.
    • You should still be able to pull up the guild window (press 'G' by default) and see a window that has your roster of characters still on your shard and a message at the top that says where your guild went. If you do not see this, you will not be able to follow your guild to a shard that is not on the allowed destination list.
  1. Confirm your choices.
  2. Type “transfer” in the text box and click “Transfer” to complete your move.

After clicking “Transfer” your character should migrate within 30 seconds.

Should you experience any difficulties, please contact our Trion Support.