Missing Plants, Trees or Livestock

There are many ways that plants, trees and livestock can be lost after you start the growing process.

It died:

Things you plant will only last for a certain amount of time before it stops growing and starts to die. Once that time passes the plant, tree or livestock will die and despawn. The amount of time it lasts varies greatly depending on what it is that you are growing.

It was stolen:

There are some protected areas within the world that things can be grown, however the vast majority of the world is free reign for other players to steal. If your taxes are not up to date for your garden, farm or house, items growing there can also be stolen by other players. In order to ensure your crops are never vulnerable to be stolen, make sure you plant them inside the area of your house/farm and your taxes are up to date. If you do not have a personal house or farm you can also grow certain crops and livestock at Public Farms found in cities throughout the world of Erenor.

It was taken with permission:

You are able to give permission for your housing structures to members of your family, guild or even the public. If another player has the appropriate permissions they will be able to harvest anything you are growing in that plot. To modify these permissions, interact with your house/farm and under Usage Permissions choose the level of permissions you wish to use, and then click Confirm.

  • Private – Only you will be able to plant or harvest
  • Family – All members of your family will be able to plant and harvest
  • Guild – All members of your guild will be able to plant and harvest
  • Open to Public – Any character in game will be able to plant and harvest

Customer service will be unable to assist with any lost plants, trees or livestock.