Defiance DLC2: Arkbreaker Frequently Asked Questions

Defiance DLC2: Arkbreaker Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I use the new Volge weapons?

In order to gain access to the Volge weapon types; Volge Sniper Rifles, Volge Pistols, and Volge Assault Rifles, you must purchase the DLC 2 pack: Arkbreaker. This will also give you access to more than 25 Arkbreaker Signature weapons can be earned from Arkbreaks.

How do I call down arkfalls?

In order to gain the ability to summon major and minor arkfalls, several pre-requisites must be completed:

  • The second DLC pack: Arkbreaker must have been purchased
  • The mission “Nowhere to Go But Up” must be completed
  • You must be in possession of an Ark Spike Battery (4 for major arkfalls)

Once you have met these pre-requisites, you can approach any arkfall site that has not been activated and call down an arkfall.

How does the Favorite feature work with my items?

You can identify your favorite weapons, shields, and items in your inventory by clicking on the star located to the right of the item. This will automatically sort the item to the top of your inventory at all times. If you want to remove the item from your favorites, simply click the star again to remove it.

How do I use Spikes and Stims?

Spikes and Stims are consumable items added with the release of DLC 2: Arkbreaker. Each consumable item has its own story missions to explain their use and function.

    • Spikes - A Spike is a device that can be used to provide temporary boosts to any player within the Spikes radius. You can equip a spike in the loadout screen, and can use it with the designated hotkey. Due to these items being consumable, each time you use a spike your stack will go down by one.
    • Stim – A Stim is a device that will provide a temporary boost to only the player who uses the Stim. They can be used to both heal and boost your characters effectiveness. Just like Spikes, a Stim can be equipped via the loadout screen and will be consumed on use.

What are the daily and weekly Ark Hunter rewards?

Daily and Weekly Ark Hunter rewards are provided to all players and the loot inside is determined by a random roll based on which DLC players own or if they have a Patron Pass.