RIFT Loading Screen Freeze

Loading Screen Freeze Troubleshooting

Some players have reported that RIFT gets stuck during initial loading, after the opening videos have played but before reaching the Character Select menu. The freeze may occur either at the RIFT logo screen, or at some random progress percentage on the loading screen. When in this state: music plays, no error messages are shown, the game is unresponsive, and must be manually stopped.

We are still working to fully understand the causes, but there are several unrelated problems that share these same symptoms.

  • Your anti-virus software may be showing a pop-up window, asking you to grant network access to RIFT. If you are running the game in full-screen mode, you may not see this window, but the game will freeze until access is granted. RIFT detects most AV popup windows and minimizes itself so you can see them, but the detection does not work for all AV software. Add RIFT to your AV software's approved application list before launching the game.
  • Many people have reported that if they wait 5-10 minutes, the game will successfully log in to the Character Select menu. Unfortunately we do not have an explanation for this yet, but try waiting for a few minutes, and see if it succeeds.
  • A graphics compatibility problem appears to be causing loading freezes for some players. Resetting the game settings to defaults appears to solve the problem for many.