RIFT Slash Commands

General Commands

 /cancelbuff <Buff Name>  Removes the specified buff
 /camp  Logs out the character. You can add a character name from the same shard after /camp to automatically log in with the specified character.
 /combatlog  Toggles the combat log
 /dismount  Dismounts the character
 /dungeoninfo  Toggles Dungeon lockout information
 /exportkeybindings<Name>  Exports the keybindings to a file you specified in the RIFT directory so that you can import it on another computer.
 /exportui <Name>  Exports your UI to a file you specified in your RIFT folder
 /filter  Toggles the profanity filter
 /follow  Automatically follows the selected character
 /help  Returns a full list of available commands
 /importkeybindings<Name>.dat  Imports the name of the exported keybindings
 /importui<Name>.dat  Imports the UI settings that were previously exported.
 /inspect  Displays the targetted character information
 /loc  Shows your location in the world in a set of coordinates
 /logout  Logs your character out
 /macro  Opens up the Macro Editor
 /motd  Shows the message of the day
 /played  Shows your total playtime
 /pvp  Toggles your character's PvP flag
 /rand <mininum> <maximum>  Returns a random number between the numbers you specified. Maximum is 1,000,000
 /roll  Returns a random number between 1-100.
 /trade<PlayerName>  Opens the trade window with the specified character
 /tweet <Text>  Sends a tweet directly from in-game through your attached twitter account.
 /tweetpic <Text>  Tweets text with an attached screenshot
 /who  Opens up the social menu and displays all players that are currently in your zone or instance


Group Commands


 /clearmark  Clears the current mark 
 /clearallmarks  Removes all marks
 /demote <PlayerName>  Demotes the specified player from their position
 /partyleave  Leaves the party you're in
 /invite <PlayerName>  Invites the specified player to the party
 /promote <PlayerName>  Promotes the specified player to raid leader
 /leader <PlayerName>  Promotes the specified player to party leader
 /leave  Leaves the party or raid you were in
 /lfg  Adds you to the Looking for Group channel
 /mark <#>  Marks your target with a number.
 /raid_create  Creates a raid
 /raid_disband  Disbands your raid
 /readycheck  Performs a readycheck for your party or raid.