Resolving Glyph Games Video and Graphics Issues

Lowering In-Game Video Settings

Many video or graphics issues can stem from your PC not being able to handle the stress of running the game in a specific setting. Follow the steps below to lower your video settings in-game.



  1. 1. Load into a map in Trove
  2. Press Enter
  3. Type ‘/shadercomplexity 0’ and hit enter
  4. Type ‘/drawdistance 64’ and hit enter
  5. Type ‘/supersamble 0.25’ and hit enter
  6. Type ‘/postfxaa 0’ and hit enter
  7. Restart client

For more specifics on settings and commands in Trove click here


  1. Click on the Menu button within the game
  2. Select Settings from the menu
  3. In the Settings window, click on the Video option on the left side of the window.
  4. Click Advanced underneath it.
  5. In the Advanced Video options, move the Quality Preset slider all the way to the left to where it is set to Min and click the box at the top for low quality renderer. This will lower the video settings to the lowest possible settings.

Try playing the game like this for a while to see if the problem continues to occur. If the problem no longer occurs, you will want to try moving the Quality Preset slider back to the right and test each setting to find the best balance of video quality with no issues.

Updating Video Card Drivers

Outdated video card drivers can often cause issues with your in-game video or graphics. An article on how to update video drivers can be found here

Running Windows Updates

In certain cases if you are missing Windows updates this can cause issues in-game. To make sure your Windows is update, please follow the below steps:

  1. Press the Start button
  2. In the search field type 'Windows Update' and open the application
  3. Press on 'Check for updates' and install any available updates, this may require a restart

Reinstalling the Game

Often times with patches and hotfixes being downloaded and installed data can become corrupted and could cause all kinds of issues including graphics issues. You will need to uninstall and reinstall the game for a fresh start to fix this issue. Follow the steps below to uninstall and reinstall your client.

  1. In Windows XP click start and Add or Remove Programs. For Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 it's Uninstall a program, located in your control panel.
  2. Find the game in the list of installed programs that comes up and click uninstall
  3. Once it is removed from here, go through your program files and make sure you have deleted any associated files or folders
  4. You can install the game again