Trading Overview

What are Trade Routes and what are they for?

Trade Routes are player crafted Trade Packs that can be taken to trader merchants for Gold, Gilda and Crafting Resources.

How do I craft Trade Pack?

Trade Packs are crafted at Specialty Workbench found in each zone. Each Zone has its own Specialty Recipe that can be crafted. You can learn each Zone’s recipes by checking the Commerce recipes in your Folio, which can be opened by pressing “O” on your keyboard or the Vocation button on the bottom right and selecting Folio. You can check each continent’s Specialties by Zone. Only the recipe for that zone can be crafted at that zone’s Specialty Workbench. To locate the Zone’s Specialty Workbench, open your map by pressing “M” or clicking the map Icon, and on the right under “Show Icons” expand “Infrastructure” and select “Specialty Workbench.” In order to craft a Trade Pack, you must be level 9+ and to pick one up, you must be level 15+.

Where do I turn in the Trade Pack?

You can turn in a Trade Pack to any Trade merchant outside the Zone you crafted. You will not be able to turn in your Trade Pack to a trader in the same Zone where the Trade Pack was crafted. Zones such as Solis Headlands, Villanelle, Ynystere, Solzreed Peninsula, Cinderstone Moor, Two Crowns, and Freedich Island will have a Gold Trader, Gilda Trader, and Resource Trader. All other Zones will only have a Gold Trader. In order to receive Gilda or Resources, you will need to travel across the ocean to another continent. You will not be able to turn in your Trade Pack for Gilda or Resources on the same continent and you will not be able to turn in your Trade Pack for Gold on a different continent.

Why do I run so slowly and can’t teleport or glide with a Trade Pack?

When carrying a Trade Pack, you will receive the Overburdened debuff. This will greatly reduce your movement speed and prevent you from teleporting or gliding.

Is there any way to go faster with a Trade Pack?

When doing your introduction Trade Pack quests, you will receive a Donkey mount. While other mount speeds are greatly reduced, the Donkey can go slightly faster even while carrying a Trade Pack. For faster land travel, there is a Farm Cart that can be crafted to carry two Trade Packs. The two galleon class ships have slots to carry four Trade Packs while the Trade Ship can carry 20 Trade Packs.

I lost my Trade Pack, how do I get it back?

When you die on your journey to turn in your Trade Pack, whether by players or world enemies, your Trade Pack will be dropped wherever you die. Should you die in the ocean, your Trade Pack will sink to the bottom of the ocean. Any player that passes by can pick up your Trade Pack once you’ve died. If you put your Trade Pack down on the ground outside your private land, anyone can walk by and pick it up. You can place a Trade Pack on private land for safe keeping. However, anyone with permissions to your land can remove it. Dropped Trade Packs will last for 6 days if not picked up before disappearing. If someone steals your Trade Pack and turns it in, you will receive 20% of the rewards while they receive 80%. Customer service will be unable to restore any lost or missing trade packs.

I turned in my Trade Pack, why didn’t I get my rewards?

Rewards for turning in a Trade Pack are mailed in 22 hours with 5% interest. If someone other than the crafter sells a Trade Pack, the crafter will receive 20% while the seller receives 80%.

Why did I receive less or more when I turned in my Trade Pack now than when I did last time?

Traders have a price percentage that is dependent on how many Trade Packs of the same type are received by that specific Trader. If many players have turned in the same Trade Pack to that Trader, the percentage of price will lower. The price percentage will increase to its original 130% price when the Trader is not buying that Trade Pack from players.

What are Fellowship Specialties and where can I find a Fellowship Workbench?

Fellowship Specialties are different Trade Pack recipes crafted at a Fellowship Workbench. Fellowship Workbenches can only be found at Fellowship Plazas, which are player-made buildings that remain public.