Troubleshooting Failed Purchases

To avoid potential errors that may occur, please ensure that you have done the following:

  • Ensure the card is properly funded.
  • While entering your billing information, make sure all fields have been entered properly and that the information entered matches that assigned to your credit card.
  • For prepaid gift cards, make sure they have been properly registered and activated with the card provider.
  • Verify that there are no blocks on the card account.


Common Errors

  • Special characters: Please try removing any letters with accent marks and other special characters not common to the English language.
  • Incorrect credit card number: If the credit card number you have entered if is invalid, our system does not know which financial provider to contact to verify your information. Please verify the numbers you have entered and try making * another transaction. Keep in mind that you should not include any spaces while typing this number.
  • Miscommunication between your computer and our store: Try the transaction again in 15 minutes. There could be increased load on the store.
  • Your bank is having difficulty completing your transaction with our bank: If you believe this is the case, please contact your bank for further information about how to troubleshoot this. If you have made multiple transaction attempts, you may be blocked temporarily from making further transactions for security reasons.

As a security precaution, we have been forced to limit the amount of transactions attempts you can make within a day. Keep in mind that this applies for the amount of times the same credit card is used on various accounts AND the amount of times a single account uses various cards.

If your credit card is being declined or if you are running into an error, double check all of your credit card information before attempting again.  Avoid making too many transaction attempts, as this may cause further issues with your store account.