Crest Brainstorm Guide

The Crest Brainstorm is an item that allows you to put your own images into the game and attach them to your ship sails, cloaks, and wall decor for your home.

To use a Crest Brainstorm you will need to find a Crest Printer in game. These can be found in most cities and larger villages in the world and can be toggled on your map legend under 'Infrastructure'.

To use your own image for the Crest Brainstorm, your custom image must be:

  • 256x256px exactly
  • Named ucc
  • Filetype set to PNG
  • Placed in your C:/ArcheAge/Documents/UCC folder


Once the above requirements are met, when you go to the Crest Printer you'll see your custom crest at the bottom of the right-hand corner of the window. Make sure to customize the background colors if you wish this to be visible on a warship. Once consumed on the Crest Printer you'll be given a Crest Ink which can create crest stamps for 1 Memory Ink a piece. Right click on the crest ink and then on the item in your inventory you want to apply it to to use it.

Unable to see Crest Images

If you are having an issue seeing crest images of other users or your own, please follow the below steps:

  1. Close ArcheAge and Glyph completely
  2. Navigate to C:\ArcheAge\Documents\USER\UCC
  3. Delete the 'down' folder
  4. Restart Glyph and ArcheAge