Steam Linking/Unlinking

How do I link or unlink my Steam account to my Glyph account?

You may have accidentally linked your Glyph account to the wrong Steam account or you might wish to change the linked Steam account. To modify the link between your Steam and Glyph accounts, please follow these steps:
1. Log in to the Account Linking Page.
2. Go to the section labeled "Steam" and click on "Unlink" or "Link", depending on your intention.
3. After completing the action, your Glyph account should either be linked to the Steam account or the link should be removed.

Please note: Linking or unlinking with Steam can only be done once a year.


If you wish to link a different Steam account, we recommend logging out and then back into the Glyph website. Afterwards, follow the steps mentioned above to link the accounts.