FAQ - Server Evolutions 2021

To assist with any questions you may have regarding the Server Evolutions that are upcoming for ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained, please see below. Have a question that wasn't asked? Feel free to leave us your questions in this thread or in our Official Discord.

Q: When will the server evolutions take place?
A: The server evolutions for ArcheAge: Unchained are scheduled for March 4, 2021. 

Q: What servers are being evolved on ArcheAge: Unchained?
A: On EU - Belstrom, Crazzian, and Tinnereph will become Okape.
Gildaron, Halnaak and Alexander will become Hieronimus.
On NA - Jergant, Stena, and Kaylin will become Akmit.
Denistrious, Runert, Tyrenos, and Wynn will become Marmas.

Q: Will there be a shared Auction House across these evolutions?
A: Yes, the Auction Houses will be shared across the Evolved Servers.

Q: My servers are being merged together, will I lose my land?
A: Yes, the servers being merged together will take place on a brand new server environment, meaning all players on merged environments will have no land at the beginning. Don't worry though, all of your fully-built homes/farms/structures will be reimbursed as full kits. Additionally, for every fully built house or farm, the player will get 250 Tax Certificates for each House / Farm they have.

Q: What will happen to the items I placed in my house(s) or on my farm(s)?
A: Furniture items in your home will be returned to you via the standard demolition process, and that includes items in chests. Items that are normally not returned due to demolition will be returned to you after the Evolution is completed. Livestock and plants, however, will not be recovered.

Q: If a house is unbuilt or in the process of being built, is it returned as a full kit?
A: It is not returned as a kit. Only fully completed houses are returned as a full kit. Unbuilt houses will return the design but not the materials

Q: I'm aging my packs, will they be transferred over during the Server Evolution?
A: No, Tradepacks placed in the world will not be carried over. The team recommends turning them in before the server evolution takes place.

Q: Will I need to recreate my family after a Server Evolution?
A: No, the Family name, members, and size will be retained.

Q: Will I need to recreate my guild after a Server Evolution?
A: Yes, you will need to recreate your guild after the Server Evolution. Upon arriving in the Evolution server, your guild members can be invited to the recreated guild.

Q: Will my Guild be reset to level 1?
A: Yes. However, Guild Leaders will also receive Guild Contribution items and Guild Ribbons to restore their Guild Level. These ribbons will be bound and guild level specific: A level 2 ribbon will move a guild from level 1 to 2. Additionally, the Guild Leader will receive Oath Ribbons to make up for any experience that you may have had prior.

Q. Will there be a Land Rush?
A: Yes, there will be a Land Rush for the Evolution Servers. Landrush is planned for March 20, 2021, on ArcheAge and March 13, 2021, for ArcheAge: Unchained.

Q: How will you prevent hacking to claim land once land the Evolution servers open?
A: We will be monitoring both servers closely. Anyone who abuses an exploit or uses a “land hack” will find their house swiftly demolished, and their account will receive a punishment determined by the Customer Service team. Don’t do it!

Additionally, our normal land rush rules will be in effect after the Evolution. You may only have one unbuilt per account at any one time, and the other rules will apply as well.

Q: What will happen to my UCC Items, such as Crest Inks?
A: The team will try to keep UCC images however, Crest Inks will be replaced with Bound Crest Brainstorms if a UCC is applied to it, otherwise will provide 5g per item. UCC Crest Stamps will be replaced with a Memory Ink, UCCs applied to items will not be preserved.

Q: During the Land Rush, will the housing areas be put into Peace?
A: No, the housing areas will not be put into peace during the Land Rush, so prepare for battle!

Q: After the Evolution, how long will my items last?
A: There is no limit for anything you are wearing, anything in your inventory, or anything in your warehouse. However, items returned to you by mail will last 1 year in your mailbox.

Q: If players with the same names are moved onto the same new Evolution server, who gets to keep their name?
A: Priority of names will be determined in the following order:

  • Active Players who have logged in within 90 days of the evolution date
  • Higher-level character takes priority.
  • Older name has priority.

In the case of a transfer request, if you transfer to a server where someone already has your name, you will be asked to choose a new name during the transfer process.
In case of duplicate names, the lower priority name will be renamed to “character name” + “world name” + “-X” For example, “NewPlayerKadum-X”
Note: if the final name becomes too long, the world name will be replaced with a number, for example, “NewPlayer24-X”. You will be able to change your name one time to something you prefer in the event your name is changed.

Q: Will there be a priority system in place for logins?
A: On ArcheAge: Unchained, no, there is no priority. However, on ArcheAge Free-to-Play servers, there is a priority queue for Patrons.

Q: Will AFK Kick be enabled on the new Evolution servers?
A: No, AFK Kick will not be enabled on the Evolution Servers.

Q: Will new character creation be closed prior to the Evolution period?
A: Nope! Feel free to create characters on whichever server you choose, as long as you haven't hit the character limit.

Q: Will I keep all of my mail during a server Evolution?
A: Some recent mail will be kept, but most will not be. Please use the time prior to the Evolution to clean out your mailbox as we cannot guarantee which messages will make it with you on your new server.

Q: What happens to my friend list in an Evolution?
A: Your friendslist will remain intact, don't worry! Any of your friends that will need to rename due to duplicate names will be displayed with their new name on your list after it's changed.

Q: What happens to my custom teleport list in an Evolution?
A: Your custom teleport list will be wiped in order to make sure no one has an advantage when claiming land on the Evolution server. The main teleport points in the game (dungeons, cities, etc.) will remain intact.

Q. Will you convert all pirates back to their original faction during the evolution downtime so that they can participate in the land rush as was initially the case on a fresh server?
A: No, but they are free to port to any static location that they may have obtained during their green life.

Q. Will we get compensation?
A: There will be compensation for the downtime. Details will be provided in the coming weeks.

Q: What will happen to Arena Rankings?
A: Arena rank information will be reset.

Q: What happens if after the server evolution there will be more than 2 characters available?
A: The Character Limit per server will be expanded to at least 3 to accommodate this possibility.

Q: Will Transfers still be available after the Server Evolution?
A: Yes transfers will be available after the Evolutions for ArcheAge: Unchained. However, they may be taken down temporarily immediately after the Server Evolution for a short amount of time. For ArcheAge Free-to-Play, the date of it's availability will rely on if the technical difficulties of the system have been resolved.

Q: Will my Farmhand's level reset due to the Server Evolution?
A: No, your Farmhand will remain the same level and XP will remain the same after the Evolution.

Q: Will my Farmhand lose its weekly Vigor with the Server Evolution?
A: Yes, the Weekly Vigor will be reset on Farmhands.

Q: As a hero on a server that will be evolved, will I lose my rank?
A: Yes, Heroes will be removed and no Heroes will be on the council until the next election cycle. Current heroes on ArcheAge: Unchained will be granted a Glorious Armor Crate manually, and all Hero Cloaks will be removed.
ArcheAge Free-to-Play players will receive their hero rewards normally as the evolution is later in the month.

Q: What happens to Hero Rewards, since the Merge happens 2 days before they would get sent out?
A: On ArcheAge: Unchained, rewards will not be sent normally but will be granted their Glorious Armor Crates manually after the evolution. On ArcheAge Free-to-Play, heroes will receive the hero rewards as normal.

Q: Will those that exiled remain on the same faction or will they return to their original faction?
A: Exiles do not get sent back to their original faction.

Q: If Leadership is kept, will the Leadership board also be reset? And following that, will there be Hero elections, or will there be a month of no heroes?
A: The Leadership Board and current Leadership Points of all players will be reset. There will be a month of no heroes until the next election period.

Q: Touching on heroes, does that mean all Castles are being wiped and thus, having 0 Castles for a month until the next term begins?
A: Yes, due to the leadership being reset and there being a month of no heroes - there will not be the ability to build castles until new Heroes are elected.

Q: Will Auroria Land Rush be the same time as East/West Land Rush, or will it be staggered?
A: The Auroria Landrush will not be staggered and will happen at the same time as the normal Land Rush.

Q: What happens to Prestige?
A: For every 100 Prestige, players will receive a Contribution Reward. Your prestige points will be rounded up to the nearest 100 value.

Q: Will there be restrictions on how many houses and farms you can have?
A: No, there is no limit to how many houses or farms you can have.

Q: Will Beanstalks be disabled for the land rush?
A: No, it is not possible to disable the placement of a single type of design - including Beanstalks Mansions.

Q: Will Diamond Shores Bases need to be rebuilt after the evolution?
A: Yes.

Q: One of my questions wasn’t answered! Where can I ask it?
A: You can add any of your questions that may not have been available in our FAQ in our Official Discord or in this thread and we'll do our best to answer and add it ASAP!