FAQ - Technical Help



Q: What do I do when my Launcher doesn’t work?

A: Your launcher may not be working properly for different reasons. You can follow our 3 procedures below.

  1. Drivers / Firewall:

- Update your Direct-X drivers

- Update your graphics card drivers

- Check if a firewall or router is disturbing the connection to the game

  1. Scan Launcher:

- Right-click on the launcher icon, click on “Run as administrator” and click “ok” on the following pop-up window. When launcher open, click on the gray button “Full Scan” and wait for the launcher to scan. After scan is complete, click on “Start”.

- Remember to disconnect antivirus / firewall before scanning.


If the launcher does not scan, go to the GF folder on your “file explorer”, look for the “UPgradeClient_Full_Check” file and double click to let it scan.

  1. New Installation:

In case updating your drives has not solved the problem, please try the following steps:

- Uninstall the game.

- Remove every left over files or folders that haven't been removed after uninstalling the game.

- Install the current version of the game which you will find on the download section of the official website.

Visit our homepage https://aeriagames.com/ and download a new fresh client and install it.


*Important Notice:

For the game to work correctly, always ensure that your Windows is fully up to date. Check that your windows do not have important updates pending (such as net session).