ArcheAge Paid Character Transfers

If you are looking for a change of scenery or want to check out a new server community, you can use our Character Transfer service. There are some limitations to who can transfer and depend on population servers will be made available/unavailable for transfers.


Additional restrictions on transfers can be found below which will interfere with the transfer:

  • Characters with Marketplace Mail (Deletion of these mails is needed)
  • Characters with Player Mail cannot transfer (Deletion of these mails is needed)
  • Heroes cannot transfer
  • Characters in families cannot transfer
  • Characters in Guilds cannot transfer
  • Characters who have a house, Workbench, Aquafarm, Farm, Storage Silo or Drydock cannot transfer
  • Characters with a listing on the Auctionhouse cannot transfer
  • Characters with an active Bid on the Auctionhouse cannot transfer
  • Characters with a Server-specific item cannot transfer
  • Characters with a Guild XP item cannot transfer
  • Characters cannot transfer while logged in
  • Characters that are on pending deletion cannot transfer
  • Banned Accounts cannot transfer characters
  • Characters with a crafting request cannot transfer
  • Characters with a Faction change item cannot transfer
  • A Character must be level 10 and above to transfer
  • Players cannot transfer a character to a server where they do not have any free character slots left (for example to the Fresh Start server)
  • Characters cannot transfer if their faction on the receiving server is dominant (For example; if Haranya faction in the server Alexander wants to transfer to Belstrom and the faction is dominant, they will not be able to transfer)
  • Characters, that are raising a dragon cannot transfer

Is it possible to transfer from a regular server to a Fresh Start server?

Yes, the possibility is available to do so but you will need to have access to the Fresh Start Server either through the Garden of the Gods DLC or for purchasing ArcheAge: Unchained pack with the Fresh Start Access included (bundle)!


You can transfer via the account management page by clicking here and logging in to your account. Each character transfer will cost your account 2700 credits.