How do I find items?

Individual items are divided into different categories.

The first page you see after opening the shop is the "Hot & New" category. Here you will find special promotions, special offers and new items. You can change the category by clicking on the square pictures.

You will find all platinum items in the "Platinum" category.

The "Consumption" category includes, for example, potions and seeds, i.e. everything that you can use up when you want to level up.

All items that benefit your character, such as maps, items to improve your equipment or costumes are sorted under the category "Avatar".

If you choose the "Companion" category, you will find armor or food for your P2 pet, collars, items for coloring your P1 pets or tools that make your pet level faster.

In the "Miscellaneous" category you will find many different items, such as lucky boxes.

If you select the "Packages" category, you will find, as the name suggests, packages that contain several components. These are, for example, costumes, special packages for your pet or packages that you can use to improve your equipment. To find out which items are in a particular package, click on the small scroll symbol next to the icon. Then an information window opens in which you can view the contents of a package.


Is there a search function in the Item Shop?

Yes. You can't search for a specific item, but you can narrow down your search. To do this, first select the category in which you want to search for something.

  1. In the field to the right of the box in which the name of the category can be read. You can now click on the arrow and select a sub-category from the drop-down menu.
  2. In the next drop down menu you can narrow down your search even more.
  3. Then click on the button with the magnifying glass symbol to start the search.


Can I see what a costume looks like on my character before I buy it?

Yes, there is. With a few exceptions, you can try on a costume. To do this, drag and drop the icon of the costume into the box on the top left of your characters picture.


How do I buy an item in the Item Shop?

When you have decided on an item, you can either drag or drop the icon into the fields below your character picture, right-click in the menu that opens and select "Buy", or double-click on the item icon. The icon of the item is now in the shopping cart.

If you don't want to buy the item after all, click on the "Empty basket" button below the shopping cart. This will delete everything that you previously placed in the shopping cart.


Where can I find the items that I have bought?

The purchased items are not automatically placed in your inventory. If you want to use them, you have to get them from the shop warehouse. To do this, click on the Shop Inventory tab. Here you can find all the items that you have bought but not yet picked up.

To add an item to your inventory, open your shop warehouse. Right-click on the icon of the item you want or drag and drop it into the product selection. If you click on the "Take" button, the item will be placed in your inventory.


What happens to items that only have a certain time limit?

The countdown of these items, such as calling cards or costumes, does not start until you have them in your inventory. As long as they are in the shop warehouse, the time does not run out.


How can I gift something to someone?

For this you can use the "Gifting" function. Open your shop warehouse and select the item that you want to give away. Drag and drop it into the product selection or double-click on the item's icon.

If you now click the "Gift" button, a small window will open.

If you click on "Send", the item will be sent to the player you specified as the recipient. A message appears, which you confirm with "OK". Then a small gift symbol starts to flash for the recipient.


 How do I pick up a present?

This works very similarly to picking up from the shop warehouse. You click on the "Gifts" tab. Then you can see what you received and who gave it to you. You may also have received a short message with the gift. You can read it on the right. Mark the item with a single left click and then press the "Take" button.


What is the wish list all about?

You can use the wish list to spare yourself the search for certain items. This is particularly useful for items that you buy often. You can add up to eight different items to your wish list.


How to purchase game cash

In order to purchase game cash you need to access the Cash-Shop. You’re able to log in with your game account data.
 If you open the Item-Shop in game, then you can click on the button “recharge cash” and you will be directed to the cash-shop and you will already be logged in.