FAQ - #gamigotrees



Why are we hosting another #gamigotrees event?

Just as the effects of deforestation are real, so are the opportunities to fight against them. Our initial efforts to raise awareness and join forces to make a bigger impact garnered massive results. But we know there is room for more trees on Earth and the need for more trees in communities devastated by deforestation. And we also know that with your help we can achieve even greater results and make an even bigger impact on the environment and in local communities.


How successful was the first #gamigotrees event?

Very successful. Thanks to players around the globe, over 113,127 trees were planted. This means more oxygen, more food, fresher water and healthier soil. But Mother Earth isn’t the only one rejoicing. The trees were all planted by locals, totaling over 1,000 days of employment for individuals and families in need.


Who are Eden and what do they do?

Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit organization based in California, USA committed to restoring healthy forests. Employing local villagers in project nations, Eden is able to not only plant, grow, and protect millions of trees each year, but also reduce extreme poverty by providing people with a wage that can transform their life.


Why partner with them?

Eden Reforestation Projects is also committed to communities. In true gamer fashion, we believe we can make a greater impact in the fight for fair conditions in the global agriculture sector by working together.


Why do trees help?

Destroyed trees rob soil of all its worth, ultimately destroying the economy as people can no longer grow food and the soil won’t absorb water into aquifers. Reforestation, however, means restoration. As trees are planted and the environment is lifted, so is the community. The effects of extreme poverty are remedied, showing the unmistakable connection between reforestation and food, water, and the economy.


Where will the trees be planted?

Eden Reforestation Projects is currently at work in six different nations: Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal, Kenya, Mozambique and Haiti. The trees will be planted in one of these locations.


Can I determine where trees will be planted?

No. Just like we know games, Eden Reforestation Projects knows trees. That’s why we’re leaving the reforestation decisions to them, meaning they will plant the trees in one of the current project nations: Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal, Kenya, Mozambique or Haiti.


I purchased two Forest item packages. Is Eden really going to plant 40 trees?

Yes! For each item package purchased, Eden Reforestation Projects will plant a corresponding number of trees. Every package purchased makes a difference.


Can I donate to Eden directly?

Yes, but participating in our special #gamigotrees event makes it possible for you to purchase item packages and for trees to be planted. What could be better?


Will you publish how many trees are planted and where?

Most certainly! As soon as our global leaderboard feature goes live, check it regularly for a live update on how many trees Eden will be able to plant. A final announcement via social media and a press release will follow shortly after the event has ended!


When will the event end?

Our #gamigotrees event ends on January 31, 2021.


Can I purchase multiple packages?

Absolutely! Thanks for making a difference by participating in our special #gamigotrees and Eden Reforestations Project event!


Can I gift or transfer a package to someone?

What a generous idea! Unfortunately, it is not possible to gift or transfer a package to another player. You could always encourage your friends and family to purchase the package themselves and then reimburse them. 😊


What if I did not receive my items?

Thanks for participating in the #gamigotrees and Eden Reforestations Event. We’re sorry to learn your purchase has not been delivered. Please create a ticket so our Support Team can assist you. Thanks, and we apologize for the inconvenience.


I bought the wrong package; can I change it for another?

Thanks for participating in the #gamigotrees and Eden Reforestations Event. Unfortunately, it is not possible to substitute your package purchase. We encourage you to carefully review your choices before finalizing any purchase.


How many games are participating?

There are 20 games participating in this special Event across 3 different platforms: gamigo AG, Aeria Games, gamigo US Inc. (Glyph). Find them all here:


Why are my purchases on e.g. Aura Kingdom not being counted toward my purchases on e.g. the Trove leaderboard?

Both games are on different platforms. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the same username across the different platforms.


How do the leaderboards work?

There is one global leaderboard where the sum of your purchases made with the same username are displayed cumulatively. Don’t worry; the system will recognize you. Each game also has its own leaderboard. All future purchases in the same game will be displayed there cumulatively and updated on the global leaderboard as well.


Can I change my username?

Yes, you can. But only after each purchase. This new username will be updated on all leaderboards on the relevant platform.


If I am a console player for Trove or Defiance, can I purchase these packages on console?

Yes. you can do that. Packages for Trove (Console version) can be bought with credits and for Defiance (Console version) with Bits.


What’s the refund policy?

All purchases are final.


What portion of my purchase will be donated to Eden Reforestation Projects?

That’s a great question! With our #gamigotrees Event for every dollar/euro spent on a pack, one tree will be planted. You choose a pack of trees, we give you awesome in-game rewards and Eden plants your trees in one of their six locations across the world: Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal, Kenya, Mozambique, or Haiti.


Do my purchases count towards the Tiered Spender?



Shouldn’t gamigo focus more on the outbreak of Covid-19 instead of planting trees?

That’s a great question and we empathise with your concern! As the overall well-being of our communities is one of our top priorities, we are heeding the advice of our local governments and health authorities and encourage you to do so as well. Our #gamigotrees event in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects is aimed at saving our planet. Due to social distancing encouragement, we all cannot fully enjoy our environment by meeting our friends outside, so the best thing we can do for our planet right now is to save our environment and support local communities. One of the most efficient ways to make impact to our planet is planting trees. Also, our project helps to create work places. Together with your input we make difference in this case. It's a safe way to spend your time while supporting a good cause with our #gamigotrees event.


How does the raffle work?

In addition to receiving rewards, you’ll also have the chance to win awesome prizes by participating in our raffle. We’re celebrating the spirit of solidarity, meaning for every tree planted we're giving away free bonus raffle entries and increasing your chances at becoming a winner. You can also receive a raffle entry by completing our short survey!


How does rewarding packages with gifts to help reach the goal work?

Players will receive a unique, one-time gift for each size of package purchased, and if all three sizes of packages are purchased at once, an additional fourth gift will be awarded. Gifting is a one-time action. Gifts will be delivered after the entire charity event is completed. This promotion is effective from January 15 until the goal is reached (100,000 trees) or the entire charity event is completed.