How do I start a Co-op game? And what can I do when Co-op doesn't work.

Become a host or get hosted to a peer-to-peer connection game together by selecting a New Run on the main screen. Check the box to ""Host Multiplayer"" and then select the mail icon to copy your special code. Paste the code directly to someone you would like to join.


To join a hosted game select the ""Join Hosted Run"" option on the main screen. Copy the special code from an active host and hit Enter to confirm. Afterwards, you should load into a character select lobby together and the host can assign which characters are being controlled by whom.


If you run into issues connecting for co-op please let us know so we can help fix it. Keep in mind it is Early Access and needs to be tested. If you can confirm by accessing your router's admin interface, please let us know if Universal Plug and Play (uPnP) is enabled/disabled, and if you are unsure, just mention that instead. Enable this option if you can and try co-op connecting again. If you still have an issue, please fill out the Atlas Rogues Feedback Form and select the Co-op Multiplayer option. Include details about your brand/model of every network connection box/router to the internet. For further analysis, please include your data logs from the game.

The game will try to detect Windows Defender and open up the firewall for the game. Optional troubleshooting: If Windows presents a choice about which networks to give access to Atlas Rogues, select all networks (Domain, Private and Public Networks). For co-op, ports that Atlas Rogues listens on are 6090 and 7777. Please note that changing firewall settings is at your own risk.
Game logs are found in a folder like:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Glyph\Games\AtlasRogues\LIVE\Logs

Find the folder dated when the issue occurred and attach the text documents in your feedback form submission.

Thanks for being a huge help!