RIFT Bug Reports

We greatly appreciate when players take the time to report bugs to us. If you are reporting a bug that does not require customer support assistance, please follow the steps below to make sure your report gets sent to the correct place.
1. Click HERE to access the bug report form.
2. Write a detailed description in the appropriate fields
  • Category:
    Localisation: Translation issues, missing translation, wrong translation
    General: A general type of bug or issue
    Character: The issue is specific to a character or apply to characters
    Skill: issue concerns your skills, professions, abilities
    Item: Bug with one item or piece of equipment
    Quest: Issue with quest, quest steps or quest NPCs
    Achievement: Bug encountered with achievements
    Other: None of the above (Please add details)
  • Title (Summary of your Issue): What is the issue about
  • Description (Issue explanation): What are the name(s) of any involved quest/achievement/item? Please attempt to provide exact names as shown in-game. What location did this issue occur exactly? Please be as specific as possible. What shard did this occur on? You can type /shard to see what shard your character is on at the moment. What happened and when? What level is your character? What class is your character? What faction is your character? What race is your character?
  • Steps to reproduce your issue: Most importantly, if possible, please include a list of specific steps we can take to reproduce this issue on our end. These steps need to be something we can reproduce on a new character, not isolated to your character only.
  • Expected Behavior: In one sentence, what did you expect to happen? For example "I collected all the upgrade materials and clicked upgrade and the item was upgraded"
  • Observed Behavior: In one sentence, what actually happened?
  • Optional: Screenshots of your issue: Often the most useful information we can get for bugs will be screenshots or video documentation of the bug occurring. These can be uploaded to 3rd party websites (YouTube/Imgur) and you just have to include the link to them
  • Your Server & Character Name: Your character name and home shard
  • Optional: Your Discord Name: This could help us to reach you if we need more details.
3. Left-click the [Submit] button when you are finished. 
4. Keep in mind that even though your report will be reviewed, it will not receive a direct development team response. However, any changes made in regard to bug reports will be listed in the RIFT patch notes.
Example Bug Report:
  • Time: Wednesday, December 14th, at 3:30 PM GMT
  • Context: I killed an invasion in Vostigar Peaks on Deepwood and my home shard is Faeblight. I am level 70 and was not mentored.
  • Expected: I expected the invasion to advance my Wand of the Powerful active upgrade and provide rewards
  • Observed: Instead, I only received a small amount of currency and my active was not advanced
  • Repro Steps:
    • 1. Go to Vostigar Peaks 
    • 2. Make sure you have item with an active upgrade that requires killing invasions
    • 3. Kill invasions until you complete one that you do not get credit for