Defiance Loyalty FAQ

What Is Loyalty?

Loyalty is a reputation that was added to reward players of Defiance for their loyalty. (Thus the name!)

How do I see my Loyalty?

Loyalty is stored as a reputation and can be tracked by opening your characters Goals Page and then scrolling to the bottom of the Contracts tab.

How do I earn Loyalty?

There are a few ways to earn loyalty. Patron players receive 1 loyalty in each Daily Login Reward box and have a weekly contract that grants 3 additional Loyalty. Most lockboxes and special bundles purchased from the Defiance store contain Loyalty. Although lockboxes that cost 100 bits or less are not guaranteed to come with loyalty and may instead have a chance to come with loyalty. Loyalty gained from store purchases will automatically go into the claim items section of the store.

I just purchased something and didn’t get any Loyalty from the purchase, what gives?

Loyalty is not granted from the purchase of DLCs, Costumes, Currencies, Patron, Boosts, Consumables, Weapon Mods or any purchase other than those listed in the “How do I earn Loyalty” section. Bundles that can be purchased repeatedly do not provide Loyalty. If you feel you should have gained loyalty from a purchase but did not please contact support by clicking 'Submit a Request' at the top. If that button is not available, click 'Sign In' at the top and log in with your Trion Worlds account.

How do I use the Loyalty I have earned?

Loyalty can be used at the Loyalty vendors in Last Chance and Alcatraz. Previous and current store lockboxes and jackpots can be purchased with Loyalty.