Glyph Public Test Server (PTS)

The Public Test Server (PTS) is a unique environment used to test new builds and changes planned for our games. The PTS is completely separate from the live game and any progress you make on the PTS will not carry over to live servers. This includes any purchases you make there.

If you experience any issues, bugs, or wish to provide feedback please post it on our PTS forums. The below links will also include details on how you can get started on the PTS:

Due to the nature of this testing environment, the customer service team will not assist with any in-game related issues. This includes requests for items, accidental purchases, accidental deletions, quest issues and all other in-game issues. If you are experiencing technical issues (login/patching/crashing/etc) with the client we can attempt to troubleshoot them, however please be aware that builds on the PTS will be far less stable then live and technical issues can very often be due to that alone.

If you do decide to start testing out stuff when new builds are put on the PTS, we would like to thank you immensely for helping us identify and correct as many issues as possible before they go to live servers.